About us

Our com­pany offer­ing all kinds of indus­trial equip­ment, com­po­nents, spare parts and consumables.

SSE GmbH” also offers used injec­tion mold­ing machines (IMM)and ser­vices related
to mod­ern­iza­tion and repair of these facil­i­ties.
We main­tain good rela­tion­ships with our cus­tomers go specif­i­cally to the need­sand offer a long-term cooperation.

The ren­o­va­tion mea­sures to increase reli­a­bil­ity, effi­ciency and oper­at­ing life of IMM, mak­ing them the new facil­i­ties over equiv­a­lent, but­much cheaper than buy­ing a new machine.

We have the most mod­ern tech­nolo­gies for the renewal of equip­ment. Thishy­draulic and elec­tri­cal com­po­nents from lead­ing Euro­pean man­u­fac­tur­ers are used. This will allow you to get a mod­ern, safe, pre­cise and energy-saving injec­tion mold­ing machine at a bud­get price.

The injec­tion mold­ing machines, which were built 10 years ago, have made a high mechan­i­cal dura­bil­ity, ser­vice life of elec­tronic and hydraulic com­po­nents is lim­ited. There­fore opens the replace­ment of elec­tronic con­trol units and hydraulic injec­tion mold­ing machine of new pro­duc­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties to the cus­tomer. So that the­mod­ern­ized sys­tems are in par with the lat­est injec­tion mold­ing machines. We also rec­om­mend and sup­ply com­po­nents and spare parts for var­i­ous new andused indus­trial equipment.